With Cracker Barrel locations in Central New York, it's time to raise a glass in Syracuse and Watertown.

Cracker Barrel is adding beer, wine and mimosas to its menu for the first time in the company's 51-year history. CNN reports that the chain began testing the concept starting before the coronavirus pandemic began. After adding beer, wine and mimosas to the menu at more than 100 locations, the response from customers was very positive and made the decision easy to roll out to all locations.

"Our guests have told us that offering beer and wine would reduce the veto vote — that is, those guests who would choose Cracker Barrel for a given dining occasion, but ultimately go elsewhere because they would like to have a beer or a glass of wine with their meal — especially during weekend dinner," a Cracker Barrel spokesman told CNN via email."

Alcohol will be added to roughly 600 locations by the end of the fiscal year. Customers will also have the option to order mimosa kits to go at some locations in both of the offered flavors classic orange and strawberry.

Cracker Barrel has locations in New York in the following cities: Binghamton, Cicero, Clifton Park, East Greenbush, Fishkill, Horseheads, Rochester, Watertown, and Williamsville.

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What Type Of Alcohol On The Menu?

One location in Florida currently has this menu, which may be similar at all location by the end of 2020:


Single Mimosa

Orange Mimosa – A classic morning cocktail with sweet citrus and sparkling taste.
Strawberry Mimosa – For a sweeter taste, try a light morning cocktail with refreshing strawberry and sparkling wine.

Make Your Own Mimosa Kit To-Go

Mimosa Kit for 2 (orange or strawberry)
Mimosa Kit for 4 (orange or strawberry or mix of both)


Budweiser – American pale lager, St. Louis, MO
Bud Light – American light lager, St. Louis, MO
Miller Lite – American light pilsner, Milwaukee, WI
Pabst Blue Ribbon – American lager, Milwaukee, WI
Angry Orchard – Crisp apple, hard cider, Walden, NY
Twisted Tea – Hard iced tea made from real brewed tea, Cincinnati, OH


White and Sparkling Wine

Gambino Sparkling Wine – Light, refreshing and bubbly, Italy
Sutter Home Moscato - Sweet and fruity, CA
Sutter Home Chardonnay – Rich, creamy and crisp, CA

Red Wine

Sutter Home Merlot - Smooth and velvety, CA
Sutter Home Cabernet Sauvignon - Bold and rich, CA

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