Buckle your chin straps and hang on tight because it's going to be a wild ride.  That's the advice of Cowboy Troy who will take the stage with Big & Rich to close Country Jam in Bouckville Saturday.

Part of the Muzik Mafia, Troy has been friends with John Rich, Big Kenny and Gretchen Wilson for years.  Troy actually met John years ago and says 'he understood what I was trying to do with his c style.  'Hick-Hop' is how Troy describes his sound, 'a combination of country, rap and rock that tends to get a bit rowdy. It's basically a party on a record.'  Troy is busy working on the next party and says 'we'll probably having something new out by the end of the year.'

Cowboy Troy saw his popularity grow when he appeared on 'Dancing With the Stars' finale.  Donald Driver, who won the mirror ball trophy, asked him to perform 'I Play Chicken With the Train' live, for his freestyle dance.  'I was really excited my buddy Donald Driver asked me to be a part of the show. It was pretty surreal.'  The song he performed went from being out of the Top 200 on the charts to #24.

Troy doesn't have time to slow down.  In addition to his career, making music and touring, he's busy raising 5 year old triplet sons.  How does he manage all that?  'Lot of prayer.  Lot of vitamins.'  No wonder he was up so early to call us.

Are you ready to save a horse and ride a cowboy with Big & Rich and Cowboy Troy Saturday night?  The trio will close Country Jam with a bang.

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