Over the course of his long career, Gene Watson has seen it all, including a slew of bestselling albums, a stack of classic country hits and multiple Grammy Awards.

But on the way to his show Sunday night, Watson suffered through what must have been a first for him: escaping a tour bus as it teetered on the side of the road.

Motoring through rural New Mexico before their performance, Watson’s entourage followed some bad advice from their GPS unit, and ended up on a narrow back road where they were forced to swerve in order to accommodate a driver heading the opposite direction. The next thing they knew, the bus was half in a ditch, four tow trucks were on their way to pull it out, and the band was climbing out a window to safety.

After flagging a ride to the venue and borrowing some instruments, they managed to get through the show none the worse for wear. In fact, Watson, who owns a body shop, cracked a joke in the press release about the accident, quipping, “Fortunately, I know a little place that can handle that work and I am hoping I can get a discount.”

Gene Watson's Bus

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