You can rub shoulders with the brightest faculty and students in the world right here in New York. Cornell University was recently named the 13th Best University in the world.

Along with being ranked the one of the richest university in the world, it can now call itself number 13. A review was conducted by The Best Schools. They identified the 100 best universities in the 2014 Academic Ranking of World Universities, and put together this list. Here's what they said about Cornell:

But Cornell is not limited by its beautiful upstate campus. It also runs one of the nation’s leading medical schools in New York City. Moreover, the university is among the most active schools in seeking out international connections. In 2001, it started the first American medical school outside the states, in Qatar, and continues to develop strong ties with China, India, and Singapore.

Cornell is building itself into a transnational hub of intellectual inquiry. It has also developed multiple interdisciplinary research centers in nanotechnology, biotechnology, genomics, and supercomputing."

Congrats to Ithaca and Cornell.