Maybe you grew up eating cookie dough like we did as kids and just like most other risks, salmonella never never occurred to us. One store seems to have found a way to create cookie dough without using raw eggs and is selling it in parlors around the state like you would ice cream. Meet Dough Boyz cookie dough parlors.

This craze started in Buffalo not long ago and it wasn't long before another opened in Niagara Falls and then another in Albany on December 20th. They're not stopping at three stores because the next store is coming Destiny USA in Syracuse in 2018. It was supposed to open this past month but it's unclear what the holdup is.

Unlike the typical stand-by cookie flavors, they've got over a dozen different flavors including a red velvet one and even pumpkin pie which is gonna take off even more next fall! We'll be sure to let you know the second the store opens!

UPDATE: As of 1/11/18 The store is now open at Destiny!


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