We've said it before, Officers with the NY Department of Conservation must never get bored with their job, every day brings a new challenge. Rescuing lost or injured hikers in all kinds of terrain, arresting illegal hunters and anglers, and saving animals that get themselves into all kinds of predicaments.

A black bear mother and her two cubs found a snack in the bird feeder of a home in the Hamlet of Round Top. As the trio destroyed the feeder in the course of their meal one of the Cubs’ head became stuck in the bucket part of the feeder. Conservation Officer Smith was dispatched to the scene after a resident reported the incident.

Mother Bear and Her Cubs Destroying a Bird Feeder


By the time he arrived at the scene the cub and it’s family had returned to the nearby woods. Over the next nine days Officer Smith received multiple calls, text messages and even a few photos from nearby residents detailing the cubs whereabouts. One of the pictures showed the cub perched on a tree trunk with a plastic chicken feeder on its head. It became clear the device was unlikely to deteriorate or fall off without assistance.

Bear Cub With Head Caught in Bird Feeder


When a resort manager in the area called Officer Smith to report the family of bears was near their location, Smith asked for help from another Conservation officer, Lt. Glorioso and New York State Police Trooper Alberts. Upon arrival they found the cub was accompanied by several other cubs and a sow. The trio were able to make enough noise to get the adult black bear to leave the area giving them enough time to capture the cub with a catch pole and cut the plastic feeder from it's head. After being released the cub returned to it's mother and the family went on their merry way.

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