The Prospector Theatre is Connecticut is doing more than just showing the latest blockbusters. Owner Valerie Jensen has worked hard to save an old theatre house built in 1939 and is now using it to make a huge difference for the mentally and physically disabled in her town.

Valerie has always been involved with the disabled community because of her sister Hope who has down syndrome. According to an NBC Nightly News report, she says "We didn't need more trips to the pond, more trips to the zoo. We just needed meaningful employment." That is exactly what she worked towards and now 80% of the people employed at the theatre are mentally or physically disabled and this theatre is helping them immensely.

At the end of the news report the correspondent says, "Just think if this could work in your town." We have so many people in our community that could benefit from a theatre like this and with all the fine organizations here in town like The ARC or UCP, it could be a reality.

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