'Tis the season for high school graduations, and maybe there's a grad in your family this year. I can still remember my high school graduation ceremonies like it was yesterday (I think it was 19 something or other). I was a member of one of the largest graduating classes ever from the former UFA (Utica Free Academy), with some 817 students (I can't imagine my parents sitting through that listening to the principal announce 817 names).


Here are some things we have to consider when there's a graduation in the family:

1. Rent a tent - It may be a little late for that now.

2. Set rules - no alcohol

3. Set more rules - know where your grad will be roaming after his or her party.

4. Get Ice (You never can have too much ice).

5. Take lots of pictures (these days, you don't have to worry about running around to buy film, as most of us have digital cameras or cell phones that take pictures).

6. Get more ice (see number 4).

7. Have a plan B (if you didn't get a tent, and it rains, and you were planning to hold the graduation festivities outside).

8. Make sure your grad knows what he or she did with the graduation gown and mortar hat.

9. Get more ice (see number 4 & 6).

10. Give your grad lots of hugs and congratulations, they deserve both.

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