Should the Confederate Flag be banned? A group of protesters delivered a petition to stop the sale of items featuring the Confederate flag at the Delaware County Fair.

The group was met by police, who asked them to leave the fairgrounds before the petition was delivered to fair board director Ed Rossley, which reads:

"The fair is Delaware County’s most iconic event and biggest tourist draw, bringing tens of thousands of people from across the state and the country to our beautiful rural area. We come to the fair to watch our area's outstanding 4-H kids show their cows, horses, rabbits, and goats, to cheer at the demolition derby, tour the animal barns, and give our children a thrilling ride at the carnival. We do not come to take part in an event that celebrates and upholds hatred and division – which is what the Confederate flag does. This sinister image has become increasingly visible at the fair in recent years, sending a menacing message to people of color and to all who enjoy living in a diverse society and want to make everyone feel welcome."

Confederate Flags have been absent from the New York State Fair since 2015 when vendors were asked to stop selling anything with the flag on it.

What's your position on the Confederate Flag? Heritage or treason?


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