A concerned mother put the water in Ilion to the test and you won't believe the results.

Carolyn Arcuri purchased a pitcher to filter her tap water. It came with a TDS tester to test the total dissolved solids in the water. "I tested Ilion tap water, filtered and unfiltered, as well as bottled water."

What she read on the tester caused alarm. "I am not a water filtration expert," says Arcuri. "I’m just a concerned wife and mom who wanted to share my findings with other families so they could make a more educated decision on using Ilion water since it was said to be safe to drink."

Bottled Water

Photo Credit: Carolyn Arcuri/TSM

Filtered Ilion Water

Photo Credit: Carolyn Arcuri/TSM

Unfiltered Ilion Water

Photo Credit: Carolyn Arcuri/TSM

The TDS levels in the unfiltered Ilion water at 386 is said to have "exceptionally high contaminant level" bordering on the "highest TDS water levels," according to the guide Arcuri received.

Photo Credit: Carolyn Arcuri/TSM

TDS or Total Dissolved Solids is related to the total charged mineral content of water and according to Safewater.org, levels of TDS in the 300-600 range are categorized as 'good' by the World Health Organization.

Good isn't the word environmental activist Erin Brockovich is using after Ilion's water issues caught her attention. "This is ridiculous, just another community drinking water system failing," writes Brockovick on Facebook.

Arcuri, who moved to Ilion in January 2018 with her husband and 4 children, says the water is starting to stain tubs and toilets and it has an odor. "I am scared. Scared for our family and scared to even bathe our children in this water. I hope we get some answers soon and a remedy to this problem."

Village officials have been working on answers to remedy the problem for years and Ilion mayor Brian Lamica met with state officials in Albany earlier this month to discuss long and short term solutions. Three options are being considered and will be discussed at a public meeting is sometime in mid-September, according to the Times Telegram.