High school students all around New York state are gearing up to begin the tedious college admissions process. 

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Getting into college isn’t necessarily on every high schooler's agenda, but if a four-year college or university is in your future plans, it definitely doesn’t hurt to start preparing and taking the proper steps to get ready.

That could mean studying and taking prep courses for the SAT or ACT (but keep in mind, many colleges and universities no longer require it), visiting campuses, filling out applications, writing essays, getting involved in extracurricular activities to pump up your chance of getting into your dream school.

If you live in New York state and don’t want to be too far away from home, some colleges and universities are much easier to get acceptance letters from than others. According to US News and World Report, the average college admission rate in the United States is around 70%. However, in New York state, the average acceptance rate stands at just under 53%. 

So which colleges across New York state are the hardest to get into? We looked at the latest rankings of the most selective colleges in the US for 2022 to break down how easy or tough it will be to get into the New York state college of your dreams. 

Keep scrolling to see where your college (or hopefully future college) lands on the list.

The Most Competitive Colleges In New York State

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