After a few years of rough financial hardships facing Notre Dame Jr./Sr. High School in Utica, things are starting to regrow, and in a big way. Through many private donations, and the help of a donation from The Good News Foundation, the lone Catholic high school in Oneida County is getting a new add-on. The facility will be a "Multi-Use" building for sports, the arts, and eventually a new elementary school wing.

Andy Cash/TSM
Andy Cash/TSM

Sister Anna Mae Collins has been working at Notre Dame for 30 years, and now in her role as Principal she couldn't be more thrilled at the progress that is in the works. The new addition will begin being used by the Spring of 2017. Collins says the "multi-use" aspect of this expansion is convenient in many ways. From school plays and band performances, to modified sports competition, and varsity practice this facility will most definitely cater to most students.

The funding for such an endeavor comes from a matching gift grant courtesy of 'The Good News Center. This donation is what allowed for the school to kick-start the fund-raising efforts, and school endowment for tuition assistance. With such a great new building it would be best for many children to be able to go there, and get a solid Catholic education without having to worry about cost. Things are literally looking up for Utica Notre Dame.

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