Last week cameras caught Cole Swindell and Danielle Bradbery looking less than enthused by Luke Bryan's performance of 'Play It Again' at the CMT Music Awards. The 'Hope You Get Lonely Singer' says the two were caught in a situation Kacey Musgraves found herself in after the 2013 CMA Awards.

"I just saw that this morning on Twitter," Swindell told Taste of Country Nights after the awards show. "I guess the TV panned over, and me and her looked bored."

"You're just not smiling all the time waiting on the camera to flash to you. Luke is one of my best friends, he killed it. And I can attest to Danielle was singing along ... so I know she was excited."

Swindell has also heard Bryan play the song a million (almost) times. But he was still excited for his buddy, the guy who gave him his first job selling t-shirts on tour.

"You gotta get your foot in the door however," he says about that experience. "Looking back I didn't know what I was doing but just being able to watch a new artist ... things have happened so fast for me, I feel like it helped me."

Bryan got paid about $100 a night as the merch guy. Decent money, in fact he says some nights he wouldn't sell that much merchandise. Listen to him talk more about his new single from 'Cole Swindell' and share his best move for picking up the ladies.

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