A former Central New York health care social worker, who dedicated her entire career to helping others, continues to help people and animals after passing away in February.

Syracuse.com reports that this woman who wished to remained anonymous, had more than $2 million in a sizable inheritance. She didn’t live like she was rich, she lived completely normal. She wondered "How can I use my inheritance for good?"

She lived modestly and alone, her financial adviser said, enjoying the companionship and comfort of dogs and other animals.

“She was almost intimidated by these funds,” said her adviser, J. Daniel Pluff, of Morgan Stanley Wealth Management. “She was preoccupied with wanting to do the right thing with the money upon her passing.""

This woman decided to anonymously leave $2.2 million to the Central New York Community Foundation after she passed.  Her gift created a fund that will aid local nonprofits that help animals and provide health care to people, foundation officials said.

Any animal care organization or health care organizations in Onondaga County or Madison County can apply for grants from the woman’s fund. The community foundation plans to make the woman’s gift last.

The foundation will use part of the fund to provide yearly grants to local nonprofits. The rest will be invested to help the fund grow.

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Who Is The Central New York Community Foundation?

The Central New York Community Foundation is a public charity established in 1927 that collects contributions from donors, manages them to grow over time and then distributes funding to local charities to help them thrive. It is the largest charitable foundation in Central New York with assets of nearly $260 million and has invested more than $200 million in community improvement projects since its inception.

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