We've got an opening for Ghostbusters....and it pays five hundred bucks! It's the CNY Halloween Ghost Hunt with Stewart's Shops.

Grab the Big Frog 104 app and head to the nearest Stewart's Shops. Ghosts will be hiding inside each store. Grab a picture and register to win a $500 gift card from Stewart's Shops and a chance at $5000! Every ghost you catch at participating Stewart's Shops gets you more chances to win.

How To Play

Download the Big Frog 104 station app, free of charge on our website or through your favorite app store.


Join the hunt by clicking on the scavenger hunt icon on the app or the alert if you've already downloaded the app.

Go inside you're local Stewart's Shops location, just use the app to pull up a list of challenges for that location. Complete each challenge for another entry and a chance to win.

Capture The Ghost Challenge - When you are inside one of the participating locations you will be able to hunt the 'ghost' at that location. Use the compass and distance to determine where the 'ghost' is inside the store. Once you've identified the area the 'capture' button will light up and you will use your device's camera to search the area for the 'ghost.' Capture the ghost for double points.

Think of it as a sort of a digital, Halloween-themed scavenger hunt. Something fun to do with the kids while you're inside your local Stewart's Shop.

Participating Stewart's Locations

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