The city of Utica now has a new restaurant option for fried chicken. Introducing CNY Fried Chicken located at 685 Bleecker Street.

The Utica OD reports that CNY Fried Chicken has been open since April 25th. This is a  family-run eatery, serving classic fried chicken,  side dishes such as macaroni and cheese, mashed potatoes and gravy, and sweet potato pie. Prices are affordable for all. In addition to chicken, the menu also includes burgers, seafood, philly cheesesteaks, gyros and sandwiches.


Currently, the restaurant is open from Noon to 11PM Monday through Thursday and from Noon to 8PM on Sunday. It’s also open late Fridays and Saturdays from noon until 3AM. The owners report that once Saranac Thursdays begin, they will be open until 3AM on Thursdays also.


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