The Clinton Central School class of 2015 have a memory they won't soon forget. The 108 graduates received their diploma with their school name misspelled on the cover. It reads 'Cinton' Central School, Clinton, New York, leaving out the 'L' in the first Clinton.

The problem was with the printing company, not the school. All diplomas are marked with the Jostens' logo, out of Minnesota.

Stacey McAdams
Stacey McAdams

It's surprising the mistake wasn't discovered sooner. However, who really reads the front of their diploma?

Letters will be sent out explaining how students can get a replacement cover with the correct spelling.

When you look back at your high school years, what moments do you remember? Your first crush. Your first kiss. That test you bombed or the one you aced. Probably not your graduation. You may recall walking across the stage, but unless someone tripped, the rest is a faded memory. A select few from Clinton won't soon forget their graduation, including our daughter who was one of the 108 graduates.

Everyone who graduates has a diploma, but how many have a misspelled one?

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