If we're being honest, everyone looks the same in their graduation caps and oversized gowns. But that's never been more true than now because nine sets of twins graduated in the same class at Norwich High School this weekend, according to Spectrum News.

140 students in total moved their tassels at Norwich High School, so the twins made up nearly 13 percent of their graduating class. According to whattoexpect.com, just 4 percent of babies are born in multiples (twins, triplets, etc.). The students in Norwich High School are sure putting that statistic to shame!

What’s even crazier than the sheer number of pairs is the fact that they all didn’t know about it until this past year. One student recalled her moment of realization to Spectrum News.

“It was like, oh my goodness. We didn’t realize there were so many sets of twins.”

While some twins are taking different paths after high school, some are staying together, including one pair who told Spectrum News they are going to St. John Fisher College to pursue nursing.

“We’re both going there, dorming together. We’re gonna be together probably for the rest of our lives.”

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