A new gourmet bakery in central New York is a game-changer for those with food allergies and downright delicious for those who don't.

City Sweets, 330 Main Street, Utica in the Doyle building, makes 100% gluten-free and dairy-free desserts, catering to those with food allergies and dietary restrictions. Alyssa Williams, owner, and baker has been working on recreating recipes for years, as her son has several severe food allergies. We must say she's successfully bridged the gap between gluten-free and tasting 'normal.'

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You would never know the City Sweets desserts are gluten and dairy-free unless someone told you. We challenge you to try it for yourself! They're open every Saturday from 9am - 2pm and will be extending their hours soon. Check them out on Facebook, and place your orders at 315-404-4319. Desserts can also be nut and egg-free as well!

You are one cupcake away from being as thrilled about City Sweets as we are!

City Sweets

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