Following the Build-A-Bear disaster, Chuck E. Cheese locations are hoping they'll be able to handle the pay your child's age promotion much better.

Build-A-Bear stores found themselves in hot water Thursday after their pay your child's age promotion resulted in little more than long lines and frustration.

Reports from the U.S. and Britain say thousands of people flocked to the Build-A-Bear stores to try to get a bear at a discount, but after the promotion turned into a black Friday style frenzy at most locations the company had to pull the plug leaving thousands of customers angry and empty handed.

Now a day later, Chuck E. Cheese is hoping they can use the publicity to capitalize for themselves offering a similar promotion for today only.

So if you're not afraid of crowds or lines, you can bring your child to Chuck E. Cheese locations(there's one in New Hartford on Commercial Drive) and possibly get 30 minutes of all-you-can-play for the price of their age.

Hopefully Chuck E. Cheese is better prepared then Build-A-Bear.


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