What happens to your Christmas Tree after Christmas? Well, the end of Christmas doesn’t have to be the end of life for your living Christmas tree.

You can extend its life and use beyond the home. The best part, it helps out the environment right here in Central New York. ArborDayBlog put together a list of helpful things to try out, and we wanted to highlight a few:

1) Mulch

The most common use for your tree is to make mulch or compost out of it. In Syracuse, CNY Central reports this is the most common practice with old trees.

“If your municipality does not pick up your tree, they can bring it to one of our compost sites either one of them one in Jamesville one in Camillus they can drop them off there is a two-week window from January second until I believe the 11 or 12."


2) Turn It Into A Bird Sanctuary

The tree doesn’t have to be living for wildlife to take over. Hang bird feeders to attract birds and watch your tree evolve into a bird sanctuary. Other critters will soon follow as they nest in the branches of the tree.


3) Fish Feeder

When trees are submerged in water they become a thriving reserve for fish to congregate in. As time passes algae starts to form on the tree, feeding fish while protecting them from predators. Check with local officials and see if you can drop your tree in a nearby lake or pond.

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