A cheeseburger is one of those foods that always hits the spots. It doesn't have to be clean, it can be messy. But it has to be good. These are the best in the Utica-Rome area. Number one may shock you.

Is a perfectly crafted cheeseburger the healthiest thing in the world for you? Oh, most certainly it is not. But a good greasy cheeseburger with the exact right toppings will leave you full and happy beyond belief. That's why before you go and grab a burger randomly somewhere, you should keep this list handy.

What does one do when they want to get a good bite of food? Well, you would naturally turn to Yelp. That is exactly what we have done. Yelp is actually pretty accurate when it comes to things like this because bad food is bad food. The good ones will definitely get the ratings. Ratings that are certainly well earned.

On to the list!

  1. Five Guys - 4829 Commercial Drive in New Hartford
  2. Rick's Famous Juicy Burgers - 421 Broad Street in Utica
  3. One Genny - 1 Genesee Street in New Hartford
  4. The Hub Eatery - 222 Bleecker Street in Utica
  5. Carmella's Cafe - 8530 Seneca Turnpike in New Hartford
  6. Five Guys - 756 Horatio Street in Utica
  7. Boneyard BBQ - 244 Roosevelt Drive in Utica

Is it shocking that Five Guys comes in at the number one spot? They do certainly have a very crave-worthy burger for sure. What about the rest of the list, would you tend to agree with the list Yelp has and where the restaurants rank?

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