Troopers with the New York State Police do so much more than arrest criminals. Sometimes they even get arrested themselves.

Trooper Tim Murray found out Christian wants to be a police officer when he grows up. So he stopped by for a visit and let the little boy arrest him, handcuffs and all. "A very important part of our job is getting to know our community and the members in it," the New York State Police shared.

We all dreams of what we want to be when we grow up, but many never follow through on those dreams. Let's hope this is just the first step in Christian's dream to become a police officer. If nothing else, it's a memory he'll have for years to come and there's even pictures to prove it.

Troopers Throw Party For Girl Battling Cancer

New York State Police helped celebrate a special birthday with a little girl battling cancer.

Rose Ramirez's 5th birthday celebration was an unforgettable experience. She got to enjoy it with members of the New York State Police department. "Thank you Rose for allowing us to share it with you."

Photo Credit - NYSP

There were balloon. Lots and lots of balloons.

Photo Credit - NYSP

What's a birthday without gifts.

Photo Credit - NYSP

Rose is the daughter of a Florida Highway Patrol Sergeant who was undergoing cancer treatments for Stage 4 neuroblastoma in New York.

Happy birthday Rose. May you stay strong and get everything you wish for on your birthday including a day when you can say you're cancer free.

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