At times, I put on the chef's hat and apron at home and cook a little something. This week, I was challenged by my family to try to make my dear old dad's potato soup. My father passed away several years ago, but I think I remember how he made it. Check this out.

OK. Here's a simple recipe for potato soup, which is similar to cream of celery soup with potatoes, and a nice Irish treat!

1. Peel and cube 5 good sized potatoes.

2. Peel and dice 2 cooking onions.

3. Wash, and dice 8 celery stalks, leaves and all

4. wash and cut 4 sprigs of fresh parsley (You can use parsley flakes, but if you want the real thing...)

cuting parsley
photo by Lauren McShea

Put all of the above in a large pot 3/4s filled with water, and add 2 tablespoons of salt, and 1/2 teaspoon of pepper. Simmer for 2 hours. Let cool and drain off half the water. Add a pint of 2 percent milk, and a can of evaporated milk. Cook very low for 20 minutes or so. Don't boil or you'll curdle the milk.

There you have it, my father George McShea Potato Soup Recipe. We ate it the other night, and it was mmmm mmmm good! And for those of you observing Lent, it is a meatless meal.

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