AARON TIPPIN turns 55 TODAY, but his abs didn't get the memo.  Check out his amazing body.


How does he do it? Well, he used to be a bodybuilder so that helps, but it's mostly because he and his wife Thea have a side business selling their own weight loss products. They're really focused on one called Tip N Shaker. Get it? Like Tippin?

He HAS to look good or nobody would buy the stuff. Interested? You can order the at atnfit.com.

Country Legends, Joe Diffie, Sammy Kershaw and Aaron Tippin Release Video - "All In The Same Boat"

Three country legends are combining to release new music. Joe Diffie , Sammy Kershaw and Aaron Tippin just released a new video to their song, "All In The Same Boat." It's a comical look at those men who wear "the pants in their house" and the attempt to duck some "honey do" projects for a fishing trip.

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