Country legend Aaron Tippin is coming to the Boonville Oneida County Fair this weekend on the Roots & Boots Tour. I chatted with Aaron, soaked in some knowledge, and learned some pretty neat facts about him…. Here's five things you should know about Aaron before the show:

1. I'm as single as you could get, so I'm in need of some relationship advice. Aaron and his wife Thea just celebrated 24 years of marriage, and being as single as I am, I couldn't resist asking Aaron for relationship advice.

"Marry a man that knows how to say 'yes, dear," Aaron said, laughing.

2. It's no joke that Aaron is in amazing shape. He was on the cover of Living Well in March, and Aaron says while he tries to hit the gym and walk 20,000 steps each day out on the road, he's also trying to go easier on himself.

"Don't look too much like me because I've been bruised up pretty good over the years," Aaron said. "Now I take it very easy and wish I had earlier."

3. Aaron owns too many boots to count, but he has one pair that's extra special.

"For one of my birthdays, my wife resold one of the very first pairs that I bought when I first got in the music biz and got my advance from RCA," Aaron said. "I wear them just about every night, but they're just about gone. I do like those old boots and they feel mighty good."

4. Aaron's favorite country song of all time is a CLASSIC: "The Carroll County Accident" by Porter Wagoner.

5. The Roots & Boots Tour, featuring Aaron Tippin, Sammy Kershaw and Collin Raye hits the Boonville-Oneida County Fair this Saturday, July 27 at 6 p.m. Details and information on tickets are on the fair's website.


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