A Central New York school bus driver has been removed from his run after video showed the bus rolling through a stop sign, dropping students off at the wrong stop and failing to use flashing lights.

Andy Lamica's 11 year-old daughter Kadence rides the bus to Central Valley Academy. "She called me upset after her bus driver blew by her stop, rolled through a stop sign and dropped her off at a neighbor's house after school."

The video captured the Birnie Bus driver not only rolling through the stop sign at Richfield Street and Route 51 in Ilion, but dropping kids off at the wrong spot. "They were dropped off across the street, leaving them to cross a busy Route 51 by themselves," says Lamica. "Then the other day my daughter was dropped off but without flashing lights."

Lamica says this isn't the first time there's been a problem with the bus driver. "I put cameras up in the Spring 2016 because of issues with this driver and getting nowhere at the bus garage or the school."

The video was sent to school officials who immediately contacted the bus company after seeing it. "They investigated, sharing those results with us and taking steps to remedy the situation," says Central Valley School Superintendent Jeremy Rich. "The driver was written up and has been temporarily removed from the run. He will undergo student management retraining. When he returns, he will have a permanent monitor on his runs. The company's safety investigator will also review his driving practices."

Rich vows to keep a close eye on the situation in the future. "We will follow up to ensure they adhere to their safety and disciplinary plans. Although this is not our bus or our employee, we are responsible for our students' safety. We cannot accept any behavior that compromises that safety."

Lamica says parents at the bus stop were relived to see someone new behind the wheel this morning. "At the end of the day we all just want someone to have our kids safety first. I’m glad the school is taking it seriously."

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