Do you have the Election blues? Or, are you looking to celebrate? Either way these delicious CNY themed election cocktails are the perfect candidate for your evening. 

Chicago's Bread & Wine restaurant is offering several election-themed cocktails.We thougt, why not enjoy these locally?

The Madame President

This drink uses 601 Bourbon, vermouth, sherry and oranges. Why not at least enjoy the drink, even if you don't enjoy the candidate?


The Apprentice

This drink features Adirondack Gin, campari, orange juice, bitters and simple syrup. Don't over drink, or your boss will say "You're FIRED!"


The Bad Hombre

This hombre could use Toby Keith Mezcal, cherry liqueur, grapefruit juice, bitters and lemon.


The Smoking Gun

This drink consists of Adirondack Vodka, cranberry, lemon, rosemary simple syrup and burnt rosemary. Instead of smoking it, drink it.


Trump Island Iced Tea

This drink calls for Adirondack Vodka, 601 Bourbon, Adirondack Gin, and some tequilla. You can find the full recipe here.





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