Have you ever wondered where the Easter Bunny lives? We all know Santa has the North Pole, but what about Peter Cottontail?

There are plenty of areas across Central New York the Easter Bunny could call home. Have you spotted him at any of these spots?

1) Could The Easter Bunny Live In A Secret Spot On The Erie Canalway Trail?

The Erie Canalway Trail runs around 365 miles in upstate New York. You can take this trail anywhere from Buffalo in the west to Albany in the east. Of course locally the trail Syracuse, Rome, and Utica together. Could there be a secret entrance at any of these points for the Easter Bunny? Our furry friend would be able to hide very easily along the trail.


2) Would The Easter Bunny Consider Santa As A Neighbor?

Of course just North of Lake Placid you will find North Pole New York. Part of the town includes Santa's workshop. If Santa claims Northern New York, could the Easter Bunny claim areas around Old Forge? There are plenty of mountain trails, and access to the highway up north. The Easter Bunny could use the Adirondack Scenic Railroad to have candy shipped all around the world.


3) Could The Easter Bunny Live On The Forbidden Floors Of The Hotel Utica?

Around Halloween time, ghost stories of the Hotel Utica and other paranormal activity pop up. Could these stories just be a coverup?  Certain floors are off limits to the general public. Are they off limits because a secret Easter town is hosted on these floors? Maybe the Easter Bunny uses these floors to live, and produce candy? Who wouldn't want to live in a fancy hotel?


4) Would The Easter Bunny Live On A Beach?

Imagine this sight: thousands of rabbits on Sylvan beach at night. Of course only children are able to see this secret land. The public entrance could be in the old haunted house in the amusement park, and underground a secret lair of Easterville could exist. Imagine the possibilities. Where else would so much fun for children happen?


5) Could The Easter Bunny Live Under Varick Street?

Varick Street isn't generally a place you would assume children and bunnies would go, and that's why it's the perfect spot. Maybe the Easter Bunny takes advantage of hidden tunnels underground where the brewery is. That could explain the "peppy" feelings adults get when then go to Saranac Thursday. Also, the Easter Bunny could take advantage of shipping with the F.X. Matt Brewery. These tunnels are all speculation.....or are they?


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