We don't need to tell you it's cold outside. But it's SO cold in Central New York, places in Alaska, Canada, and other 'cold areas' are actually warmer.

The National Weather Service issued a Wind Chill Warning in CNY until 7am Tuesday January 22. Wind chills Monday were 35 BELOW; colder than Anchorage, Alaska, Winnipeg, Canada AND even colder than the South Pole.

According to the National Weather Service, Anchorage, Alaska was a balmy 9 degrees, eventually reaching 17, a LOT warmer than our -35 wind chill.

As for Winnipeg? AccuWeather says it was 5-degrees with a high of 11, a heat wave compared to CNY.

And for the craziest one - The South Pole. According to TimeAndDate.com, the South pole hit 0 and had a high of 8.

It could have been worse. You could have been on the peak of Whiteface Mountain where it was -30 with wind chills near 80 BELOW Monday morning. Now that's COLD!

Whiteface weather
Photo Credit - ASRC Whiteface Mountain Field Station

It's so cold parts of Niagara Falls stopped falling.

The good news is, it'll warm up over the next few days in central New York. And soon it will be February which means March and Spring are right around the corner. Before you know it, we'll be complaining about the heat again.

In the meantime, stay warm. And if you don't have to be out and about, don't.

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