If Central New York was imagined as candy bars, what would every town and city be? 

1) Utica Would Be A Kit Kat

There are 4 major areas of Utica; North, South, East, and West. With Kit Kats, you have four separate parts, but they all blend together nicely.


2) Rome Would Be A Hershey's Milk Chocolate Bar

The Hershey bar is a classic. No matter the changes in technology, politics, buildings, and more, Rome is always consistently a beautiful city. A Hershey bar comes in many flavors, but it's always the standard just like Rome.


3) Sylvan Beach Would Be A Almond Joy

When you're hanging out on the beach of Oneida Lake and relaxing on Sylvan Beach, the perfect treat to have is an Almond Joy. You get that tropical feeling for a few minutes, and truly experience that beach/paradise feeling.


4) Cooperstown Would Be A Baby Ruth

Cooperstown is known for baseball. Babe Ruth was a baseball player. Baby Ruth is a spin on Babe Ruth....right? This one is a pretty simple comparison.


5) New Hartford Would Be A Twix Bar

With New Hartford, there are so many options for shopping and dining. Twix, you get that wonderful caramel, and so many different shapes and sizes.


6) The Adirondacks Would Be A Snickers

With the Adirondack regions, you have so many different types of land. You have mountains, water, fields, rocks, and so much more. A Snickers bar has so much inside of it, but you love every single element of it.




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