From Utica to Hollywood, Joshua Reale is taking his talents to the big screen. The owner of Cayo Industrial is the guy behind the set design for the horror film 'Death House.'

The movie, shot inside Holmesburg prison, features sets you may recognize. "When you watch the movie you'll notice props I either had to specially make for the film or from Cayo," says Reale. "You'll you see a red demonic character screaming into a microphone. That room is a good one. There's a table that I had to green screen to look like a map of the prison. The cool part is I made that table when I was 16 and I never expected it to be anywhere but Cayo."

YouTube via Death House
YouTube via Death House

The job offer came from being at the right place at the right time. "I didn't know it at the time but I met a director from the movie and he hired me," says Reale.

Death House is an old school action thriller with the largest cast of horror stars together in one film. "I never had an experience like that before. You see all the celebrities on set and it was pretty cool to see them work on a set you designed," Reale says.

The film features Kane Hodder, Bill Moseley, Dee Wallace, Cortney Palm, Adrienne Barbeau, Barbara Crampton, Tony Todd and so many other Horror icons.

IMDB describes the film as "the Area 51 of Evil."

During an exclusive tour, a power breakdown inside a secret prison known as the Death House sends two agents fighting through a labyrinth of horrors while being pursued by a ruthless army of roaming inmates. As they fight to escape, the agents push toward the lowest depths of the facility where they learn a supernatural group of evil beings are their only chance for survival.

Death House won't be out until sometime next year but you can see Reale's work at Cayo Industrial, open every weekend in October.

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