Carrie Underwood made her debut in the Sound of Music live on NBC. She looked and sounded beautiful in all her musical numbers.  Her acting, was another story.

I love Carrie, but she may want to consider acting lessons if this becomes an annual event. She did have her moments. Her musical performance took me back to when I was a kid and watched Julie Andrews sing 'My Favorite Things,' making me feel young again.

For her first television debut, Carrie made the country music world proud. I just wonder what her husband Mike Fisher, thought of his wife kissing another man.





If you missed last nights presentation of the Sound of Music, don't worry. NBC plans to re-air the special later this month and it may even be an annual event. They need to recoup some of the 9 million dollars to cost to produce the show. Another broadcast, a soundtrack album and a live DVD may help.

'The Sound of Music'

'My Favorite Things'


'The Lonely Goatherd'

'So Long, Farewell'

'Something Good'



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Carrie Underwood Injured at Sound of Music Rehearsals

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