This can't be good. A car ended up in a small pond in New York. But how did it get there?

An elderly man became disoriented while backing out of his driveway in the town of Smithtown on Long Island. Security video showed him running into a utility pole. He then accelerated at a high rate of speed, hit a curb and his car went airborne.

The vehicle ended up in a gully, coming to rest in about two feet of water. Luckily, the New York State Department of Environmental Conservation says there were no liquids that discharged into the water.

"There was no threat to public health or the environment."

The elderly man behind the wheel of the vehicle was taken to the hospital for observation.

Credit - NYS DEC
Credit - NYS DEC

Fawn Falls in Pool

A New York father and son are heroes after rescuing a baby fawn from their backyard pool.

Greg Masaitis and his son Anthony are from Long Island. They happened to be looking out the back window when they saw a baby deer that could barely walk.

"I hope she doesn't fall in the pool," said Greg. "I'm gonna have to go get her."

Fall in the pool she did.

Credit - Greg Masaitis via Facebook
Credit - Greg Masaitis via Facebook

To the Rescue

Father and son ran into the yard to help save the fawn. "When you get her out, just let her go because the mother is not going to be happy," Greg can be heard telling his son as he scooped her out of the pool, not once but twice.

"I just saved a little baby," said Anthony as he jumped for joy. That you did young man. Well done!

Credit - Greg Masaitis via Facebook
Credit - Greg Masaitis via Facebook

Viral Rescue

The rescue has since gone viral with more than 19 million views on TikTok.

"Thank God we saw it. She would have never got out of the pool," Greg said. Thank God indeed.

DEC Rescues 7 Animals in 20 Days

The New York State Department of Environmental Conservation rescues humans lost or hurt while hiking, boating or just enjoying the great outdoors. But they also rescue the animals that call the outdoors home. Officers have rescued 7 animals in the last 20 days alone.

Five Animal Rescues Made by New York Conservation Officers in One Week

Officers rescue a fawn, a family of ducks, a year old bear, and an injured bald eagle

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