Historically, dairy prices are high for one year and low for two years, with the highs and lows getting more extreme. However, farmers are now headed for a third year of low milk prices.  Can you and your farm survive it?  Cornell Cooperative Extension is gathering some experts to create a strategic plan to make sure you do.

Cornell will hold an open discussion on “The Future of Milk Markets and How to Develop an Economic Plan” with a professor of agricultural economics and a senior member of the Cornell Pro Dairy Program.

The discussion is this Thursday, January 12th from 11 to 2 p.m.  It's free and open to all farmers.  The meeting is in Ballston Spa, but CCE has arranged to be a satellite location and will stream the program live at their Oriskany Street location.  While it's free, you do have to make reservations.  Do so by calling Marylynn Collins at 315-736-3394 extension 132.  Registration begins at 10:30.

About the speakers:

Dr. Andrew Novakovic, is the E. V. Baker Professor of Agricultural Economics in the Dyson School of Applied Economics and Management. Dr. Novakovic co-chairs the National Dairy Markets and Policy Program. Because of his research and expertise, he is sought after for advice by decision-makers in the dairy industry and government

Jason Karzses is a Senior Extension Associate that works with dairy farmers across the state. His extension research and teaching focuses on understanding business performance and the importance of profit growth to the long-term success of dairy farms. Jason is respected in New York and beyond for his insight and in-depth understanding of dairy farms and what they need to be profitable.

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