Black Friday has become Black Thursday as more and more stores are opening on Thanksgiving to get a jump start on holiday shopping. The change isn't sitting well with thousands of people who are joining a new Facebook page, Boycott Black Thursday.

The goal of the page is to encourage retailers to start putting employees and family first. It's also encouraging people to shop at stores who are refusing to open on Thanksgiving like TJ Maxx, Pier One, DSW and Barnes & Noble. The movement is working. The Boycott Black Friday page has over 80,000 likes and retailers are hearing the outrage.

Radio Shack had planned to open at 8 Thanksgiving morning. Now they are scaling back. Although they won't close for Thanksgiving, they will shut their doors for 5 hours to allow their employees time with family on Thanksgiving.

K-Mart caused an uproar when they announced they'd open for Black Friday sales at 6 Thanksgiving morning. Other major retailers like Sears, JC Penny and Macy's plan to start Black Friday sales Thanksgiving night.

Lets put the 'thanks' back in Thanksgiving rather than 'giving' our money to corporations. After all, it's always been called Black FRIDAY shopping, not Black Thursday. Why should families have to adjust their Thanksgiving family plans because someone has to work in retail?

What do you think? Should Black Friday shopping be on Friday ONLY?


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