Well, it's summer, the sun is shining and the temperatures are hot--it's a perfect combination for those fun fairs and festivals. And, for some, it's a great opportunity to feast on the many delicacies that are found at the events. Sometimes, it's just too hard to resist a deep-fried Twinkie or fried dough, right? FatFighterTV.com has released a list of "typical" fair food and how many calories and how much fat are in each of our favorite treats.

Topping the list for highest calories is the giant turkey leg. According to the website, a giant turkey leg that is 1 lb., 3 oz. is 1,136 calories with 54g of fat.

So, now, you're all done eating that turkey leg and you need a little dessert. How about a staple at many fairs and festivals--a funnel cake. One funnel cake has 760 calories and 44g of fat.

Now, your caloric intake is at 1,896, but you're still feeling a bit hungry. And, as you're walking around, you spot something you have never tasted before--a fried Snickers. Well, according to FatFighterTV.com, that 5 oz. fried Snickers bar will run you 445 calories and 29g of fat.

For more foods from the fair and how much each treat has in fat and calories, including fried Twinkies, cream puffs and corn dogs, click here--it's a link to FatFighterTV.com.

What are your favorite foods to get at a summertime fair or festival?