In an ad that may creep you out, or gross you out, someone is selling cockroaches in the Syracuse area.

On the Syracuse board of Reddit, a poster explains that they are a high school teacher. They honestly have a good reason why they owned these:

I know that seems weird. But let me explain. I am a high school teacher and last year I had a pet bearded dragon who passed away. I have a breeding tank of Madagascar giant hissing cockroaches that I used as a protein supply for him that are no longer needed."


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Currently this seller has around 40 adult, and a decent number of baby hissing cockroaches for sale.

I have offered these to the zoo but they have not replied. Does anyone have reptiles who might have a need for them? The terrarium setup and all roaches are all up for grabs for $40 as I do not need the container back. Message me for more details."

If you're interested in buying cockroaches, you can contact this poster on Reddit.

The roaches I have are Madagascar giant hissing cockroaches. And there are approximately 40 adults with a good number of smaller young as well. I can send pictures if you like."

Best of luck on your purchase.


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