Growing up on a farm, we always raised our own beef, pork and chicken. Of course it's fresher, but it's also less expensive. Even if your purchasing or selling meat it can be more economical to buy in whole, halves, quarters and bulk bundles.  Cornell Cooperative Extension is using today's technology to make it even easier.

The MeatSuite Website is an online directory created by Cornell Cooperative Extension Agriculture Educators, designed to increase “freezer trade.”  The goal is to give local consumers a platform to find a farm that fits your needs and preferences when sourcing locally raised meats. Potential customers can search for farms in their neighborhood or by species across the region. By doing so, customers will learn how each farm raises their livestock and about their farming practices; allowing them to choose the meats that meet their family’s wants and needs.

Are you currently raising animals and looking for a new avenue to market your meats? Selling meats by the whole, half or quarter animal can decrease the amount of effort necessary to sell the same amount of meat through retail venues. MeatSuite is free to producers and is a fantastic way to reach out into your local community and gain new freezer trade customers. By creating a free farm profile on MeatSuite your farm will have the opportunity to gain new customers and expand your sales while sharing your farm’s practices and philosophies.

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