Each and every year The Great New York State Fair shows off the state's best butter sculpture. Usually this creation is around 800 pounds. What happens to the New York State Fair butter sculptures when the fair is over? Toast. 

1) Once the fair is over, the nice cool container of butter has the heat turned up. They do this in order to begin melting the butter.

2) Employees from the Onondaga County Resource Recovery Agency scraped the 2015 melted butter sculpture into buckets to take to the Amboy Compost Facility for recycling.

3) Use butter as compost.

Why can't people eat it? According to Syracuse.com, the butter is actually not edible.

That's because it had to be heated to high temperatures, then chilled again for it to be sculptable."

Would the butter make the world's best movie popcorn? Probably not.

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