For years, I've been curious as to the return of the infamous Chicken Fries from Burger King. They disappeared off of the fast food market for years, and they were my absolute favorite. But that changed today!

I logged on to my Twitter account this morning to see the hashtag #chickenfriesareback and I immediately freaked out. So on my way into work today, I decided for myself "I NEED to get Chicken Fries!"

No where in sight was any indication that Chicken Fries were back, which slightly disappointed me a bit.

Pistol Annie/TSM

I decided to ask about the arrival of my favorite item anyways, and the cashier reassured me that today was the day they were back at the restaurant. I ordered my Chicken Fries meal with a Coke and anxiously pulled to the window. I explained to the cashier how excited I was and he replied, "Yeah, it's like a whole group of you."

The upsides to ordering the Chicken Fries are obvious: tasty, convenient, and this time around, made to order. The downside? Not too much, besides the wait for them to get cooked.

Pistol Annie/TSM

Needless to say, they were as DELICIOUS as I remember. I'm not sure how long they'll be around for, so get them as soon as you can before they're gone again! What items did you love at a fast food chain that got cut off the menu?