Did Burger King admit on the internet that they have been selling burgers that contain horse meat in all of their Central New York locations, and locations worldwide? Relax, this story is completely false. There is no horse meat, so don't hate the King, hate people spreading lies. Remember, don't trust everything on the internet. 

The story going viral on Facebook links back to Before It's News. This website published an article stating that the Burger King had "now admitted after continuous denial that it has actually been selling UK customers both burgers and Whoppers that contain horsemeat." The only problem, this is far from the truth. Also, the story they linked to was several years old.

Snopes got to the bottom of it. What they found out was that Burger King was doing business with a supplier who was completely unreliable.

Burger King stated back in early 2013 that trace amounts of horse DNA had been found at one of their suppliers' plants, but they had immediately discontinued use of that supplier as a precaution, and no horse DNA had actually been found in the chain's burgers."

So next time you take a trip to the King, don't think you're eating a horse.



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