The Buffalo Head restaurant is re-opening just in time for the holidays.

Kevin and Linda Asaro bought the restaurant in Forestport last March. They had planned to open in June, but plans were delayed. A lot of blood, sweat and tears later, the Asaro's are ready to begin a new era for the iconic restaurant that'll now be called the Buffalohead Steakhouse. "We are very excited," said Kevin. "Linda and I appreciate the support and excitement shown toward the anticipated opening."

Kevin and Linda aren't sure on the exact day they'll open, but hope it'll be before Christmas. "It'll be within 10 days. We will be open New Year's Day and we still have the fireplace," said Linda.

The fireplace isn't the only thing that'll be familiar when the doors re-open. Kelly Fletcher is heading up the kitchen and has been busy working on a new menu that'll return the restaurant to its roots. "My intent is to return this iconic landmark back into it's former glory," Fletcher shared on Facebook.

The Buffalo Head restaurant is famously named for the stuffed bison head immigrant loggers used to identify it, during train stops in the 1920s. Since those days, the restaurant has also operated under the names Morrison’s Inn and Lockwood Inn and has changed owners several times.

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