Bronson Pinchot has a passion for acting, and also for bringing old homes back to life. He  loves the "Wizard of Oz," so he felt compelled to lead a restoration project with connections to the famous creator, L. Frank Baum.

The actor who played Balki on Perfect Strangers for 7 years also enjoys restoring old houses in his free time. He's been a long time fan of "Wizard of Oz" creator L. Frank Baum so he wanted to play a part in the restoration of Baum's sister's former home. According to

Pinchot was in Chittenango for Oz-Stravaganza earlier this month, and visited the Baum-Neal house, where he took photos. He's expected to start design work on the house at 678 W. Onondaga St. in Syracuse soon, said Marc Baum, a member of the L. Frank Baum and All Things Oz Historical Foundation.

Pinchot is donating his time and skills free of charge, and it will cost roughly $300,000 to complete the house. So far, about $20,000 has gone into the project. The home was built in 1867 and needs a lot of work, but Pinchot and a crew of volunteers will be working tirelessly to make the home look beautiful again.

Remember Balki?!

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