After strong storms that passed through Central New York, one local wedding venue was the victim of massive storm damage. Now this is leaving many brides in need of a new venue for September weddings.

Many brides have received texts and calls that Greenhouse Gala in Waterville was destroyed by storm damage during strong thunderstorms on Tuesday. At 6:30PM on August 22nd, a call was placed to Greenhouse Gala in Waterville to confirm of this. Local wedding DJ Peter Naughton has confirmed that a bridal party in September has shared this news with him via texts this afternoon.

Brides all over Facebook are reaching out to friends and family for possible solutions. Crystal Faria is looking for help for her friends Julia and Michael who were to be married in 19 days at Greenhouse Gala:

The venue was destroyed today in a tornado! We need a new place for these two to get hitched AND have a reception!! does anyone have any connections or know of places in Vernon, Waterville, deansboro Clinton etc that are available and reasonably priced?"

Angela Trinh also posted a similar message explaining her venue was destroyed, and shared a screen shot of the conversation.

You can comment on this story with possible available venues for these brides, and for others affected through the storm damage.



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