When duty calls, you answer, at all times. A bride on her way to her reception was called to the scene of a crash, involving her family. She arrived in her wedding dress and the picture has gone viral.

Sarah Ray works as a paramedic in Tennessee and didn't hesitate when she got the call. Her grandparents and father got into a crash two miles from the church after another driver ran a red light. Ray's grandmother suffered minor injuries in the crash. All other passengers were unhurt.

The photo was posted on The Montgomery County, Tennessee Facebook page asking, "How dedicated are you to your job? Sarah Ray, Paramedic with Montgomery County Emergency Medical Services, was photographed on her wedding night working the wreck of one of her wedding guests. Now that's dedication. She stopped to assist on the way from the wedding to the reception!"

Ray is being called a hero but she doesn't see herself that way. "Anybody in the EMS field would’ve done the same thing. I don’t know if what I did was special but I was in a wedding dress," Ray tells News Channel 5 in Nashville.

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