Brett Young just kicked off his 2020 headlining Chapters tour, and he called in ahead of his February 13 date in central New York.

Young's baby girl, Presley, was born in October and now he's excited to bring her along on the bus for some shows. It's no exaggeration that his day-to-day schedule is going to look a little different than it used to, though.

Young said while he used to sleep in, go to soundcheck, work out at the gym and grab a cocktail before a show, it'll be a little look a little more like this: Wake up early. See if his wife Taylor needs help with Presley. Walk the dog. Grab a coffee and head to soundcheck. Maybe squeeze in a session at the gym. Go easy on the cocktails.

"I think it's gonna be interesting to watch my old routine morph into something a little bit more grown-up on this tour," Young said.

As for baby Presley, she's still pretty young, but her dad is looking forward to see more of her personality and interests as she gets older.

"My wife and I have so many different interests," Young said. "We have a lot in common--that's why we work together--but also, she grew up golfing, swimming, playing tennis and horseback riding, and I grew up playing baseball, basketball, football, and doing music. So I'm just kind of excited to sit back and see what Presley gravitates toward."

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As for Young's new song, "Catch," it's another love song that's sure to tug heartstrings. And he's even more proud of how the music video turned out, thanks to his former roommate and director Seth Kupersmith.

"Not only did I love the way he incorporated baseball and my alma mater, Ole Miss, where I played, but the way he wrote the story and then write it into the little boy at the end," Young said. "We already knew that we were pregnant, but we hadn't told anybody yet. So him writing that in, he didn't realize that that was kind of foreshadowing."

Young added that the whole idea behind the video reminds him that "God's timing is better than your timing," so a night at the bars where you're not looking to meet someone could turn into so much more.

"Not just the girl you meet in the bar, but your whole life being that story," Young said. "It was really special and it gets me a little emotional every time I watch that video."

The video depicts an Ole Miss pitcher (aka college-aged Brett Young) injuring his elbow, which is what happened when he played in college. Young said that if he had a choice to go back and continue a baseball career or pursue music, he would stick with playing up on a stage.

"When you get on stage at night, you're not competing with anybody but yourself," Young said. "As a baseball player, I could throw the exact pitch that I was intending to throw, and if the hitter guessed right, he could still beat me, you know, even though I did nothing wrong. In music, if you go out there and you sound good, you sound good. So my challenge is to become better at what I'm doing and I'm not competing with anybody else--I'm just pushing myself every day."

Check out the full interview with Brett Young ahead of his show February 13 at Turning Stone here.

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