Brett Eldredge better get out his parachute. The singer just nabbed his third No. 1 single — this time for "Mean to Me" — which means that he'll have to find another extreme adventure to help him celebrate.

"Mean to Me" is Eldredge's third consecutive No. 1 single, and the country crooner has an interesting history with chart toppers and big adventures. When his first single, "Don't Ya," reached the top spot, he went skydiving. And when "Beat of the Music" topped the charts, he went diving with sharks.

"I'm always trying to take it to the next level or do something crazy that I wouldn't experience unless I get a No. 1," Eldredge tells The Tennessean of his thrill-seeking tradition, adding that he doesn't take the song's success — or the fact that it resonates with so many listeners — for granted.

"Everybody has love or is looking for love or wants to be in love," the star says. "Love is what makes the world go around. I think everybody can relate to this song and it struck a chord. I never get tired of seeing these videos of the people at their wedding dancing to it. I posted a video the other day of a guy proposing to a girl on top of a bus in Chicago with 'Mean to Me' playing in the background. That's why I got in the business in the first place. I really love that feeling. It gives you reason to keep writing the next song."

Eldredge also says that the success of his latest single didn't come easily, noting that he's "probably written 100 love songs to get a strong one like this."

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