Nicholas Ford is a Junior at New York Mills High School, and is a Life Scout in Troop 111 Whitesboro. He is currently working on his Eagle Scout Project to benefit the Whitestown Vets Club.

The Whitestown Vets Club was severely damaged during the Halloween Flood of 2019. His project entails the cleaning of the pavilion and pavilion kitchen, and it’s contents of all the mud from the flooding, washing of all the wooden and plastic picnic tables, repairing all damaged wooden picnic tables, staining all wooden picnic tables, scraping the ball field of the mud left from the flood, and building 2 benches for the ball field.

Nicholas is holding a Bottle and can drive fundraiser Saturday June 13th from 8am to Noon at the Whitestown Vets Club to be able to purchase the materials needed for his project. You can stop by at 174 Whitesboro Street in Yorkville. Any additional funds raised will be donated to the Whitestown Vets Club.

Nick’s volunteers will be wearing face masks and distanced for Covid 19 safety. People donating bottles and cans can stay in their vehicles and a volunteer will take them out of the vehicles for them.

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Thomas Sheehy of TAS Electronics captured incredible footage of the flooding in Central New York after the Halloween Storm. Drone technology allows us to get a bird-eye view of the flooding, and gives visual access to spots that are unreachable due to flooding. Sheehy's footage, taken in the aftermath, still shows some of the devastating flooding in Whitesboro, as the Sauquoit Creek overflowed its banks.


Poland Mother Finds Son’s Ashes After Flood at Her Front Door, Undamaged

Miracle do happen. Just ask a mother who had to evacuate her flooded home, leaving her son's ashes behind. Kim Demetro, lives in an adult community on Route 28 in Poland, where only 5 homes were untouched by the Halloween flood. She lost everything, including her son Christian's ashes. You can read more here.

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