Boonville's Broadway Baker is opening his own bakery.

14-year-old Jonathan Kornmeyer, with some help from his parents Kevin and Lisa, is transforming the former Fynmore Studio on Main Street into a café/bakery in Boonville. "Our little village lost 5 businesses due to the devastating fire on Main Street," said Lisa. "Some businesses have reopened but not all. Our village needs a social gathering place."

Jonathan started baking in 2019 when he found out the woman he loved to buy bread from at the local farmer's market had retired. "I was so sad but my mom said she’d teach me how to bake bread," explained Jonathan.

They started with sandwich bread and moved on to artisan bread. "I loved it and begged my mom to let me sell it at the farmers market."

A week later Jonathan made 16 loaves and sold out in less than an hour. Each week he went back to the farmers market with more and each week he sold out. "I was making 50-60 loaves, cookies, muffins."

Soon Jonathan's tasty treats will be available at the Broadway Cafe & Bakery. "It won't be in Jonathan's name because of his age," said Lisa, who is excited to get her kitchen back. "We'll offer breakfast, lunch and occasional evening hours with some music and entertainment."

Lisa says they hope to have the café open sometime in May or June. "A lot needs to happen still. However, word is starting to creep out, being such a small town."

Until then, you can check out Boonville's Broadway Baker Facebook and even place an order.

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